Boruto Manga 47: Release Date and Spoilers

” Boruto ” manga 47 will be released in June. However, fans hope that the next edition will reveal a possible solution to Boruto and Kawaki’s Karma problem, also a revelation about the origins of Kashin Koji and the climax of the fight between Jigen and Koji.

The troublesome karma

One of the best revelations from manga 46 of Boruto manga, is the nature of Karma. As Amada explained, Karma can be considered as a digital copy of a member of the Ohtsutsuki clan.

One of the examples is Boruto Karma, which is a digital copy of Momoshiki. “During the battle, Momoshiki was converted into data, replicated, and implanted in Boruto’s body,” Amado said. “In short, karma is a highly compressed Ohtsutsuki backup file.”

The data in the archive is extracted little by little and combined with the body. When the data extraction is complete, Karma disappears and the Ohtsutsuki takes over the entire body. In Boruto’s case, he would fully become Momoshiki once the point was reached.

For now, there is no known safe way to remove Karma from its host, although Momoshiki’s rebirth will probably be prevented if they kill Boruto right now.

Scientists at Naruto, Sasuke, and Konoha will likely try to find a way to deal with Karma to save Boruto and Kawaki at Boruto’s mana 47. The village could also ask Orochimaru, who is one of the great minds of Konoha to come up with a solution to the Karma problem.

The origins of Kashin Koji

Kashin Koji was confirmed to be created specifically to deal with Jigen. However, in the manga that passed, it was not clarified who created it or if it is a clone of someone from Konoha, however, Naruto noticed something about Koji’s way of fighting. “That masked guy fights … it’s like …” Naruto thought he had watched the battle of Jigen and Koji. Kashin’s story will most likely be seen in chapter 47 of Boruto’s manga.

Jigen’s weakness cost them defeat

Amado also revealed Isshiki, the Ohtsutsuki who took over Jigen’s body. He originally came to earth with Kaguya to plant the Divine Tree. For reasons still unknown, Kaguya betrayed him to the point that he almost lost his life. He only managed to survive because a monk named Jigen was nearby. Isshiki, who decreased his body size, entered Jigen through his ears and finally began to dominate the body by living as a parasite within him. 

However, this parasitic dependence on Jigen has a very serious weakness, Isshiki’s powers will be very limited. 

Chapter 47 of the “Boruto” manga will be released on June 18.

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