Boruto Manga Chapter 48 Release Date & Spoilers: Kashin Koji’s Personality Will Be Revealed

Can not wait to read the continued story of Boruto Naruto Next Generation in the comic version of the manga which will now soon enter chapter 48? It’s not just you guys … we all must be curious too.

The problem is that the manga series release schedule is still uncertain. It is on schedule sometimes too late especially since the co-19 pandemic which is still endemic in Japan and almost all countries in the world.

So when will boruto chapter 48 be released and if it has come out on the manga comic site where can we read it in Indonesian? let’s check together with the following information.

Based on the update schedule information published by the official Japanese manga reader site namely and see the schedule released by the web page in the shonen-jump-chapter-schedule …

… it is certain that Boruto Ch. 48 will come out on Sunday, July 20 at 23:00


And that’s only available exclusively on the Viz online manga reading site or you can read Boruto Manga’s latest Chapter here.

But the good news is, as, in the previous chapters, RAW Scan and RAW Scan for the latest Chapter of the boruto manga will come out one or two days before the official release date.

This means there is a possibility that this comic will be available more quickly on some illegal Indonesian manga reading web pages.

But usually, it’s just different faster one day and sometimes even late (delayed) from the official site.

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