History & Synopsis – Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

It all starts with the appointment of Naruto Uzumaki as the seventh Hokage from the village of Konoha. Husband of Hinata Hyuga, and father of two little ones: Boruto and Himawari; He is a ninja who spends very little time with his family due to the overwhelming tasks and responsibilities that come with carrying the title and exercising the position of Hokage.

This brings him little inconveniences with his son, Boruto; who spends mischief to get his father’s attention, even decides to be absent for the celebration of his sister’s birthday to show his father how uncomfortable the absence of a family member at home is.

On the eve of the Chunin exams, Naruto must make sure to organize everything perfectly to receive the other groups from the other Ninja Nations and to carry out the exams without a hitch.

Before this happens, Naruto receives a visit from an old friend, Sasuke Uchiha, who delivers an alert message to prevent him from a possible plan of attack on Konoha. Taking advantage of Sasuke’s presence, Boruto asks him for help in training to prove to his father that he is an excellent ninja.

Boruto is part of the Ninja Team led by the well-known Konohamaru Sarutobi, along with Mitsuki -the artificial son of Orochimaru- and Sarada Uchiha -daughter of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke-.

To take advantage of the exams, Boruto decides to cheat and ask Katasuke for help, who designed a device called Kote, a gauntlet that allows you to perform complex jutsus without using much chakra. Boruto uses this artifact during his combat against Shikadai Nara ( son of Shikamaru Nara and Temari ) to obtain the pass to the second phase of the Chunin exam, but upon realizing the trap, Naruto decides to disqualify him.

Given this disqualification, Boruto lashes out at his father to claim his place in the Chunin exams, to which Naruto responds and they enter into an awkward discussion between father and son. However, the sentimental moment is interrupted by the appearance of two somewhat strange subjects: Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki.

These two individuals are the ones that Sasuke warned Naruto about early in the story; immediately, they begin to cause chaos and promote fear in the arena where they were contesting the Chunin exam matches; In view of what was happening, Naruto confronts these two invaders to stop them.

Due to the accumulation of people, Naruto decides to risk his life to save the village; At this point, the invaders immobilize him and end up kidnapping him in order to use Naruto’s chakra to carry out his macabre plan.

Boruto, repentant for his actions, decides to ask for the collaboration of the other four kages and Sasuke to rescue his father. In this complicated and risky mission, the rescue team must enter another dimension to save the Hokage. Upon encountering the raptors, the rescue team begins a fierce battle against him.

Despite the fact that the battle takes a favorable course for the kages, the raptors decide to use an unknown technique that puts the kages at a disadvantage; however, this disadvantage does not last long, as Naruto regains consciousness and joins the battle to tip the balance, again, in favor of the Kages.

Despite joining the battle, Naruto remains weak, and in order to finish off the enemies, he decides to contribute his chakra to his son’s technique, allowing him to perform a more powerful and effective Rasengan; with which he finishes defeating Momoshiki.

However, seeing Boruto’s potential and ability, Momoshiki manages to have a private conversation with Boruto in an alternate dimension, in which he warns him about the imminent danger he will have to face and all the obstacles he will have to overcome.

The latter, with total conviction and security, responds in a serious but enthusiastic tone, that he is ready to face his destiny, and that this will not prevent him from becoming an excellent ninja, equal to or better than his father.

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Uzumaki Naruto, the underrated ninja of Konoha village, has become the seventh Hokage, so his responsibilities and commitments to the village have overlapped with those of his family, his wife Hinata Hyuga, and their two children: Boruto and Himawari.

On this occasion, we experience history from the perspective of the young Boruto Uzumaki; who is part of the new generation of village ninja. The tension is felt in the air, as the Konoha Ninja Academy is about to start the Chunin Exams.

In view of this, Boruto decides to prepare himself in the best way, and even cheat to pass the exam and obtain the rank of Chunin. This, even, by cheating so as not to risk it and ensure its success. This annoys their father, so they end up in a father-son argument in front of all the Kages.

Instantly, Naruto, the seventh Hokage, is attacked by two strange subjects, who use the Rinnegan to kidnap him. Because of this, the frightened Boruto decides to go rescue his father from the other dimension along with Sasuke and the other Kages.

In this journey, Boruto discovers a part of his powers and his elemental affinity with his father’s jutsus. After having rescued Naruto with the help of the Kages and Sasuke; Boruto receives important news, in which he is warned that his future will be difficult and he will have to face very complicated obstacles.

To this warning, he responds with all seriousness and enthusiasm that he is ready to face anything, that his goal is to become a great ninja, just as good or better than his father; and in this way, he will accept his destiny.

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