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The long-awaited serialization of Boruto! Finally, this weekly Shonen Jump No. 23 is fully available! It burns! Naruto’s sequel, Boruto, is the center color of the spirit!

The impact that Chow’s daughter, Chow, drawn in the background casually is delicately cute!

Episode 1 “Uzumaki Boruto!!” Spoilers! & Time goes back to boyhood

In the first episode, it starts from the battle scene between Boruto and “Mysterious Man, Kawaki”. It was also drawn in the center color of the top, but what kind of role does this person named Kawaki play? That part is very interesting. Boruto is a transcendent elite ancestry of Naruto and Hinata’s son, so let’s fully confirmed in the story of Boruto that we will talk about how Kawaki who fought even more than that is in existence! By the way, in the first episode, it is also confirmed that Boruto opened the “white eye”.

It’s obvious that I’m Hinata’s son with a white eye, so it’s obvious, but I’m sure he has grown into a powerful ninja! Maybe Boruto and Kawaki at this point are stronger than Naruto and Sasuke! The story will return to the childhood of the main subject, after making a fierce and cool hint in the center color.

Boruto story begins with the entanglement of the parent-child relationship between Naruto and Boruto.

Boruto at this time felt that Naruto wasn’t looking at him as his father. I think it’s a sort of alienation or a feeling of loneliness. Naruto was a mischievous child and a problem child when he was about the same age, but Boruto seems to be a problem child with Boruto. Then, after putting this preface, the story of the main story will be told. Boruto, Salad, Mitsuki, and the team leader Konohamaru are in charge of defeating a ferocious panda.

In this panda subjugation, Boruto has already used the shadow alter ego, which gives him a glimpse of his talent! It was also discovered that Naruto’s eternal rival and best friend, the daughter of “Uchiha Sasuke, “ has a goal of “becoming a Hokage “ for her salad . Konomaru has the impression of growing up and becoming an adult! Is it because you feel like you’re feeling Asma-sensei somewhere?

Bolt leaving the Hokage chamber, Decision to participate in the Nakanin test, Sunflower birthday!

Bolt left the Hokage room, remembering that today is the birthday of his younger sister, Sunflower. As a father, he must have had a strong desire to celebrate Sunflower’s birthday. However, this expectation would be betrayed later … Regardless of Bolt’s family situation, in the same generation, talk about the Shinobi test and measures are available! Shikamaru’s son, Shikadai, and Chouji’s daughter, Chow Chow, are also participating.

In other words, I will touch it on another page, but Mr. Moegi, who is a teacher of lions, butterflies, and cats, is cute! On the other hand, on the way home, he was well persuaded by Salad and decided to participate in the Nakanin test. In response to the above invitation from Salad, Bolt decided to take part in the Nakanin test, which he had refused all the time. Salad and Mitsuki, who saw Bolt’s appearance, will talk a little about their home environment. Hinata and sunflowers after shopping at Bolt Salad Mitsuki who talked about their family.

Hinata is also a wonderful housewife! Or rather, the inner-roll bob cut is too cute! Bolt greets the two and joins Hinata Sunflower. At this time, Bolt was showing a pretty good smile, and the salads were surprised.

For salads, Bolt would be “a person who is constantly slamming in the Hokage.”

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