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I felt that the battle area was a little lonely because Amalgam and the Demons plan had finished in Jump No. 12 of the previous time, but I am excited that BORUTO has become a good development!

This time, I’d like to follow the flow of 10 episodes and give consideration to Batwan!

Episode 10 “My Story” Confirmed Spoilers Impressions & Explanations

Climax’s feeling was fully open from the beginning “versus Momoshiki” the battle.

Although it was a super-luxurious member of Gokage + Sasuke, he was defeated, but it was Boruto who got the button!

The fully-appearing “Disappearing Rasengan” was quite tricky!

Sasuke who causes Naruto after the battle with Momoshiki has finished.

It’s a casual act from Boruto, but it might have been a hot scene from a character who knows episodes of the NARUTO era!

However, at this timing, Boruto is wrapped in a “mysterious feeling of strangeness”!

A mysterious feeling of strangeness surrounding the Boruto.

From his point of view “as if the time had stopped” looked .”

Following this, it turns out that this unnaturalness is like “something psychic thinks”!

Self-proclaimed word of God, Momoshiki!

In every manga, about one person has a character that calls himself “God”, but it seems that Momoshiki bought that role in BORUTO as soon as possible.

“The one who has defeated God is no longer an ordinary person.”

It’s Momoshiki who left a mysterious word, but this scene is difficult to interpret!

As far as the above cut is seen, it seems that some interpretations can be made.

  • Moshiki’s residual thoughts spoke to Boruto
  • The real battle is the illusion of Momoshiki created in the brain of Boruto who is the first team

If you follow the scenario flow, the former is more natural, but the latter may be possible.

This is a part that becomes interesting when you think about it while classifying some routes!

Then, in the latter half of the day, the spotlight hits on the growth of Boruto, after drawing a little daily movement of “other shinobi”!

Spotlight on Boruto growth!

Boruto was in the early stages, feeling like “the height of the rebellion period .”

I don’t understand Naruto, Hinata was crying.

However, at the finish of the 10th episode this time, it might be a little relieving that Boruto had grown mentally! !!

Growth in battle!

Boruto who liked shiny “freshly grated”.

First, you can see that the following cuts have changed his values ​​significantly!

The Torn had jacket ask them to repair the sun, it “favored by” the feeling you are trying Kiyo!

I wonder if Hinata could even say “Thank you” to him. I thought, but still, this shift in values ​​is a great advance.

In the past, it used to be like “Kankanbo who messes with Dada”, but Boruto has grown significantly in this battle!

I think there is still a lot of “growth”, so I’d like to support him and watch over him!

And the following scenes I want to pick up next!

Apparently, Boruto touched the scale of “What is Shinobi?” In the battle with Momoshiki, they decided to make the salad a Hokage and support it!

Naruto has come to be called the “seventh generation”, and the Boruto is still roughing and making progress.

I was impressed by the words of Boruto and the salad was a little touching, and I had the impression that it was “cool”!

Boruto’s story is about to start, sure!

By the way, it is a summary of the 10 episodes this time, but in a ridiculous Batwan way, the BORUTO story gives the impression of “when the prologue is finally over”!

Although the scale of the first battle was too big, there are many difficulties that Boruto will face and overcome in the future.

It looks like a spotlight will finally hit the area!

The era of “strong if OK” is about to come to an end.

A human drama in which the main character overcomes  unbreakable walls” and “difficulty and frustration” should have the real charm of modern manga!

From such a point of view, the elements of BORUTO’s story are likely to become interesting! !!

The next 11 episodes are finally about the opening of a new series, and I’m excited to look forward to it! !!

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