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It’s been a while since the first episode, but the second episode, Bolt, is in great shape!

When the series of popular manga starts like this, it’s time to change from comics to jumping!

By the way, in the first episode of the previous episode, the environment surrounding Naruto’s son, Bolt, was mainly drawn!

Bolt volunteered to become a disciple of Sasuke at the last event, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how he will grow!

Episode 2 “Start training!” spoilers and thoughts!

Well, the first thing I would like to pick up this time is from the center color illustration.

It’s nice to be drawn in a casual pop atmosphere like summer!

If Sasuke, who used to be a rival, becomes a master, he will look forward to the growth of Bolt!

It seems that the opening of the white eye will soon be over, and I will master the technique of Sasuke’s fierce fireball!

I would like to pay attention to this master-disciple relationship as well and confirm it!

Sasuke puts on quite severe conditions

Bolt at this stage is still Naruto’s son, although he is Naruto’s son.

Sasuke has a feeling that “Sharingan is the minimum requirement if you want to be a disciple” against such Shimonobutsu Bolt .

Although the times have changed, this test should be quite difficult.

Recall when Naruto mastered Rasengan.

Who can expect that the current bolt can learn Rasengan that he finally learned by making full use of multiple shadow alternations?

However, Sasuke who points it easily.

The appearance has changed a lot, but after all it feels like a “S-hearted feeling , the contents have not changed much! As expected!

A bolt that clears an issue

A bolt aiming to learn Rasengan by studying Konohamaru.

While spilling “Isn’t there a more efficient way!” , It’s easy to learn.

As expected, the son of Naruto and Hinata! I don’t know!

Even though Naruto was a special omission, it is still amazing to learn Rasenmaru in such a long time!

It’s a little small to call Rasengan, but it’s true that I learned it.

I’m going to show this Rasengan to Sasuke.

Passing fast and dust

Although he went to make Rasenmaru look like Sasuke, he was told that It’s so small, it’s not something you can call a Rasenmaru .”

However, there is a difference here.

Sasuke tried to say the following word, “But …” , but Bolt broke off prematurely and left.

In this respect, in a sense, you feel the atmosphere of having the same “Ochokochoi” character as Naruto!

However, I have a feeling that this small passing may turn into “greater friction” !

The eerie existence of Katosuke

Apart from the “natural technique of ninja,” such as how to train a chakra, it seems that in Bolt’s era, a system that uses science to activate ninjutsu has been systematized.

In front of Bolt, who was supposed to have been refused by Sasuke, Katsuki of the Scientific Ninja Group laughed eerily.

I’m sure it’s a research institute of the scientific ninja group.

Katasuke, who has easily made Rasengan with the power of science , presents Bolt with “the future of Shinobi” .

Effortlessly smart, ninjutsu with the power of science without effort … I wonder what the future of Kasuke is like.

It is not clear if Bolt received the “Rainbow Scientific Ninja” that was offered, but as far as the size of Rasengan used in the later cut is concerned, “I received it.” I think it should be interpreted as

Aim for Chuo Shinobi!

Bolt succeeded in “demonstrating” Sasuke’s convincing Rasengan, and was able to safely become a disciple of Sasuke.

After that, Bolt was a salad while she was Sasuke’s daughter, and the same team as “The Road to the Gaiden / Filled Moon”.However, with Mitsuki who appeared, he started to move to win the Nakanin test.

Even in the main part of Naruto, the Chushin test was quite exciting, but I’m looking forward to Bolt’s test!

After all, are there many participants from other villages?

Also, I’m worried about salad and Mitsuki’s fighting ability!

What is the aim of the Otsutsuki clan?

Basically, this is the episode of Bolt’s individual.

However, in the second episode of this time, another person called the main axis appears.

The above cut is a reminiscence scene, and Sasuke got the scroll from “Kaguya’s Castle” in the first episode and delivered it to Naruto, where he encounters “two suspicious people” .

One of the two is above, it seems the name hasn’t been revealed yet.

The other was like a power-type small fish, and was called “Kinshiki .”

At the end of the story, it turned out that these guys were aiming at the “tail beast” and they called it the “chakra fruit .”

And even more surprisingly, it seems that Yao (Ushioni) is already in their hands.

Yao is a very active character among the tailed beasts, and I feel that the fact that only two people hold it down tells their abilities!

What’s even more shocking was the scene in which the bee had been hung, though a little.

Looking at the cut above, it looks like you’re taking something out of a hanging bee.

Perhaps this is the “chakra fruit” .

I think there is no doubt that the purpose of the two of them is “tail beast = chakra fruit” and the next spear is “nine tails” !

A mysterious duo who has defeated even that much even Yao.

Sasuke is a little worried about how he escaped from meeting them!

Also, the fact that they are aiming for Nine tails is expected to hit Konohagakure no Sato in the near future.

I think Naruto’s ability is certain, but given that Bee had been beaten, it might be a precursor to a big battle!

I can’t help but feel the creeping battle with Jiwajiwa!

I am looking forward to the next episode 3!

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