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Boruto is gradually revealing the truth about the battle over the Kama.

It’s still in the middle of the big flow, but it’s still in the process of starting and ending, but it seems that it will become even more interesting if the foreshadowing is stretched firmly in this condition!

Naruto & Boruto have few feelings like “This is the foreshadowing! Attention ~!”

Below, I would like to share the impressions and considerations of Batwan as I read 28 episodes!

Episode 28 “Flowers” Spoilers impressions & consideration, the re-appearance of Yamanaka is cute!

There were various things to think about 28 episodes this time, but I think that it was one episode that the contents were tightly packed.

The following is Kawaki showing a reaction of eating chocolate chopsticks and saying, “It’s messed up.”

He lived up to his life without eating tire tires, and this description is quite convincing! !!

In addition, the following cut, it seems that he will respond to the child who is accidentally hit by chance with a technique, and in all aspects, his “part with less sociability” will be drawn.

It is cute that I am happy with chocolate tires, it is that I am trying to violate children, and I feel that Kawasaki’s goodness and badness were often expressed in the flow. !

Even so, the eyes of the following children are really surprised, and this can be traumatic!

At any rate, however, considering Kawaki’s life, it is possible to accept that such everyday life is “non-daily life .”

At the beginning of the 28th episode, I feel like the description of Kawaki’s path was so severe …!

The reintroducing Yamanaka is cute! !!

The purpose of Kawaki this time is to buy a new “vase of broken sunflower”.

And it was so cute that Yamanaka Ina who reappeared Sarah in such a situation!

Originally it was an adult-like atmosphere, but I wore a ring to become a beautiful woman!

She has a strong presence in the Naruto world as a user of “the technique of heart change”.

You know that you have a child with a rhino!

At that time, the members were still children, but everyone’s gradually becoming adults … I feel deeply moved and feel good!

Apparently, she spends her days as a florist.

What happened at the florist!

On this page, I would like to touch on the events that happened at the florist.

It seems that the story is closely related to the story for a while, but what happens now!

Whatever surprised me most was what happened to Kawasaki!

The tragedy that happened to Kawasaki!

First, let’s talk about the following cuts!

The tragedy that happened to Kawaki who chooses a vase is this, but what kind of situation is this?

Unfortunately, Kawaki’s life has unfortunately shown him?

Or was the practitioner looking through from the other side?

I think there are some patterns here, but I think there is a punch in the latter “the theory that the surgeon was looking through from the other side”.

I think it’s almost like saying “I’m watching from everywhere “, and the pressure Kawakawa feels is considerable.

Once you have this kind of experience, you can feel terrifying, whether it’s a mirror in the toilet or a reflection in the lake!

Of course, Kawaki was surprised at this phenomenon and jumped away, breaking the vase …!

There is no adult who can respond kindly to such a situation.

I haven’t had a lot of experience as I’ve gone through many shrines, so maybe I’m not going to play at all.

In addition, there is a new vase, and the inside is really beautiful!

Then Naruto saw such a kawaki and felt very sorry …!

A Boruto that hugs Kawasaki!

This hug may have had an unexpectedly significant meaning because Kawaki does not know the affection of his father.

It’s very difficult to guess his feelings, but what does he think?

The look of the salad looking behind me was very serious …

The hugs at this time may have had a slight impact on the salad.

At the beginning of this time of the 28 episodes the thirst “asshole” but I salad that has been determined that, in the middle, “I, I’m aiming to Hokage. When you say Do not I there is trouble is that (outline)” and thirst I’m giving you words to consider.

She might have seen this whole story with her and tried to learn something!

A conclusion can be reached on the exchange between Boruto and Kawasaki!

In the 28th episode last time, we can conclude the exchange between Kawat and Boruto.

Kawaki showed an apology, but Boruto had to poke it once!

You might think,  I ‘ve bought a new vase, so please forgive me!”, But isn’t this the “non-negotiable part” of puberty?

A Boruto that tells you to repair it with adhesive!

In the final stage of this time, the exchange between Kawaki and Boruto went to a solution.

However, Boruto is not convinced easily, and in the cut below, he says “Repair with adhesive” outside of the word!

I have some thoughts about Kawasaki who bought me all the time, but Boruto’s claim may be correct!

In addition, I think there are still some bad things left for Kawasaki …

Kawaki is also showing a reaction “I’m a troublesome guy” in response to this Boruto.

It’s true that when I bought a vase with this kind of mind, my heart was not there, and there is no point in apologizing.

I’m paying for it, but my heart is not there.

In that sense, Boruto’s point of view was quite sharp … Maybe it could be an ally.

Anyway, if you fix the vase properly with glue, this problem is a paragraph.

Kawaki may not change his attitude, but that would be another problem.

For the time being, once I had received Boruto’s request, I felt like the relationship between the two had to be redone …

“Uncle says” Kashinkoji reappears!

Ninja, Kashinjiki who attaches to something and says the phrase “Let’s say it .”

Apparently next time, Kashinin will infiltrate Konoha-sato and try to make something happen!

I’m worried about the ability (or secret) of the Kashinshi who doesn’t appear on the Yamanaka clan’s radar!

The following two patterns are the most effective if there is a reason why the Kashinshi can enter the village.

  • Somehow I disabled the chakra detection
  • In fact, Kashinka is a Shinobu with Konoha registration

Which one is closer to the truth in this case?

For Batwan, I feel like the latter (something unfounded), but what about?

Anyway, in the next 29 episodes, I think that the movements of Kashinshi can be made into each of the Nions, and I hope that we can follow the scenario in the future! !!

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