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Borutos that have been stable even in the month series.

This time it was a human drama that was based on Ninbutsu …

As for the flow of battle, we will follow the original story, and this time, I will read 29 episodes below and touch on the informational parts that I could catch!

Episode 29 “Shadow Shadow Techniques” Spoiler Confirmation, Friends Change the World! 

29 episodes Anyway is “gonna! Do the Ningumi hand” based place that is large book.

The battle between Boruto and Naruto was drawn like a practice game.

Well, I feel like I’m doing a small check, this time!

By the way, I was messed up by sunflowers, but I think that I was happy that Naruto took over Bitt, as I stopped playing the game (somehow Mario-like w) and gave priority to the ninja team.

Then, in the Shinobi team, the shadow altercation is also shown as follows.

It used to be a curse-like role, but now it’s used normally!

It has been used as a Boruto perfectly, and it feels good to see its growth! As expected, Naruto’s son!

Then, from here on, I feel like I’m going to hit each other for a while.

Naruto’s proficiency, which is good enough to handle the shadow altering ant’s Boruto, was good!

It was interesting to see how Kawaki looked at it meaningfully! (Kawaki’s psychology is hard to read!)

About the spoken karmas!

In the middle of the Shinobi team, Kawaki talks about karmas.

However, rather than what a kerma is, what do you do to study it? The main part is.

Kawaki says, “Become able to manipulate to know karmas …!

Kawaki always has a cool look and poker face, so it’s hard to tell what he is thinking.

Even after the above cut, I think it was difficult to judge whether the Boruto was favorable or hostile.

It’s how you started working together, and it’s hard to measure how open he is …!

However, at least looking at the behavior this time, it seems to be definite that he will be supportive of Kama’s research!

A Boruto kerma that activates in resonation with the kerma handled by Kawaki.

Kawaki says that only the fact that “physical ability is greatly improved is known.

From Naruto’s point, it may be partly overlaid with Sasuke’s curse, but … how about that!

In episode 29 of this time, I think that the battle with ninja teams and power-up with karmas was one of the major trends.

About the exchange between Naruto and Kawaki after Kumite!

In the meantime, a description such as Kawaki’s sad past was drawn, but well, this area was visible to some extent in the past times.

Which was more interesting, The exchange between Naruto and Kawaki” after that!

There was a meaningful expression here and I think Naruto’s “adult” was shining!

Chakras are the source of connecting power!

In the latter half of 29 episodes, what I thought was good was the following cut.

The chakras used to be used in battle so far , but they seemed like “all-purpose energy, but the background behind them is quite magnificent!

I think Naruto’s words in the following cuts have a weight unique to Hokage!

Of course, there is a chakra because there is a chakra … It’s obvious from past history, but it ‘s because the “ handler misuses it .

From the above Naruto words, I feel the atmosphere of seeing a lot of hope in the chakras!

Naruto must have experienced the tragedy that happened due to the existence of the chakra, so it is strong to know this and still be able to make this statement. !!

To be honest, I think the above Naruto was so cool! !!

It was also good to say “Friends change the world!”

Also, I think the expression “Friends change the world!” In the final version of the work was very good.

Kawaki, who has been lonely for a long time, may sound like a ridiculous word.

But Naruto has actually experienced that and has had various conflicts under the theme of friends.

Kawaki has no reason to know the conflict, but I feel that Naruto now has the power to make Kawaki believe in it!

Then, the following cut explodes as a useless push to further back it up!

If a person who might be Hokage shows a carefree smile like a child like this, it makes me want to believe only in the atmosphere … I think humanity is the reason!

You may feel that this one scene has become a top-class famous scene since the start of the Boruto series!

Boruto, who was a mere adolescent shaved boy, grew up little by little, and then lonely and empty Kawaki fills the hole in his heart.

Naruto is still pulling the rails now, but I think the two will become independent and begin to grow by thinking about themselves.

It is very encouraging for children that good adults like Naruto support us. (The two may not be aware)

Kawaki isn’t Naruto’s son, but it feels like a good bond is beginning to emerge!

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