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Last time , Boruto was drawn to Sasuke’s apprentice, but this time the story finally progressed to the Shinobi test!

It’s a bit disappointing that it isn’t weekly because it’s serialized once a month, but if there is a Boruto during the week when One Piece is suspended, you can enjoy jumping without losing tension!

And the popular BORUTO was of course the center color this time too!

It’s been a long time since I’m Gaara, and my hairstyle is so smooth that it’s cool!

Even at BORUTO this time, the village of sand hiding seems to stand out with a good feeling!

Episode 3 “Chushin test started!” spoilers, commentary and consideration!

I think this episode can be broadly divided into three blocks.

  • Pre-test episode
  • First-stage exam
  • Secondary test

This time, I would like to divide these blocks into smaller parts and think about it!

Each of them has a big “highlight” , and I think it’s a great scenario development!

I think the amount of information is better than when it was NARUTO.

Pre-test episode

The most notable episode before the exam is the Gaara clan!

With the appearance of Kankuro after a long time, it makes me feel nostalgic!

I feel that Gaara has a more mature atmosphere than before!

As a Batwan, I suppose I like Gaara now than I used to be Gaara!

So their bloodline looks like this!

In this Boruto, it is known that the character on the left is “Shinki” .

The right side sometimes has a mask on it, so I feel like a person in the “dark part” ?

Also, the person who is listening to the music in the center seems uninteresting, it smells like a big one!

I’m really looking forward to their success!

This time, the scene where Rock Lee’s son, “Metal Lee,” is doing his best to do push-up training, and where BORUTO has Sasuke teach Shuriken!

The Chuo Shinobi primary exam is a ◯ ☓ quiz!

And the story begins with the Nakanin selection test and the primary test!

The leader of the whole is Konohamaru.

You’re doing a good job!

If Shinobu, who has tight eyes, joins in, some people seem to be disappointed.

It seems that there are ten people, ten colors, and a different mindset to challenge the Chunin test.

Shikamaru’s son, Shikadai, feels like a parent and child !

Then, the content of the primary exam will be developed mainly in the form of ◯ ☓ quiz!

The primary test is a test in the form of ◯ ☓ quiz.

However, this form is only a camouflage, and it has a hidden purpose!

In response to the problem that was put out, Shimoshino was separated by ◯ and ☓.

However, there is no correct answer to this answer, and it seems that ◯ or ☓ fell into the pit!

There’s no doubt that this Shimonobutsu test has a special taste like Naruto’s!

Whether it is ◯ or ☓, there is no correct answer and everyone falls.

And there was a pond made of “ink-like charcoal” where it fell !

It seems that the condition for passing was “not falling and turning black” !

After seeing the truth by making a quick decision, Shimonobutsu will clear the challenges one after another!

By the way, the sons of Kankuro, “Shinki” , have successfully cleared the challenges!

I’m not sure what’s going on with the above cut, but at least I’ve overcome the fall.

It looks like it’s floating in the air, but this is also some ninjutsu!

Then I’m clearing the Inoka Butterfly & Boruto Team!

Overwhelmed with the temporary Shinobi test!

Boruto group, Inoka butterfly, Shinki group (?) Who successfully passed the first test.

On that day, it seems that the primary examination has settled down for the time being.

Naruto, who was instructed by Shikamaru, sent a congratulatory email to Boruto.

Well But sure enough, so far of the flow as the Boruto is “I Do Ne Yokosa even shadow alter ego” repulsive and.

Well, I wonder if the current Boruto will complain no matter what.

Survive the Nakanobu Second Exam!

Even before the second Shinobu examination, Sasuke and Boruto had a little interaction.

Although it is the position of the person who asked and told me, it is a Boruto that is very aggressive against Sasuke for some reason.

I was forced to think this cut was “Ooioi, okay or this disciple …” !

It may be unavoidable that it can only be a sensitive time!

Then, the second exam will start soon!

The second exam is the flag-taking game!

The second test of Nakanobu was mainly based on the “3 to 3 flag removal game” .

The wild boar butterflies are also very active here, especially the butterflies and deer daisies!

The shadow binding of the deer was still alive, and the scale of doubling the butterfly was a bit out of scale!

A butterfly that has completely reached the area of ​​giants. Big!

However, each of them has their own personality and breaks the second test!

In addition, Metal Lee unfortunately played against Shinki and the others.

Again, the shadow is used and the flag is taken away!

Rock Lee was nice, but Metal is really interesting too!

Because he has a strong face, I want him to come out in front of him and throw in hot-blooded episodes!

What a Boruto … I will use it!

On the other hand, the team of Boruto Salad Mitsuki was relatively tough.

Boruto, who defends the flag, was engaged in a battle with three triplets, Shinobi Shinobu, and Mitsuki and Salad were trying to take the strategy of aiming for the opponent’s flag.

However, in reality, Boruto struggled a lot and Mitsuki returned to rescue!

Meanwhile, Boruto has used the ninja tool handed by Katosuke, the science ninja team!

Naruto should not have approved this use.

But you’ve used the Boruto.

Even Sasuke was told to think so much, but I finally used it.

Let’s move from the age of ninja who thinks by themselves and go through the shura to the age of ninja who rely on ninja without thinking anything!

It would be great if Boruto could draw a picture of his head turning around fully in the future!

The power of scientific ninja is great!

However, the power of the scientific ninja used by Boruto was enormous!

Two types were used this time: the “water rifle, orca” and the “thunder rifle, Ibuki” .

With regards to Raids and Ibuki, it feels like a special ninja tool that can attack quite widely!

By the way, with regard to the Origami Orchid, it seemed amazing to generate so much water in a place without water.

In many ways, I hope it’s been used …

Boruto team wins … but?

Due to the use of this “scientific ninja,” the war situation of Boruto was overturned.

And the salad that was aimed at the flag in the avant-garde uses a sharingan!

Probably, he found a real flag among the “trap flags” that had been increased by illusion, and succeeded in winning.

I have passed the second test without any problems, but it is interesting to see how others respond to this result!

The Scientific Ninja Group understands “use of scientific ninja tools” and reports to each other by correspondence.

Also, Ten-Ten seems to be unaware that Boruto used scientific ninja tools.

With this alone, future developments will be motivated, and based on Naruto’s thoughts on scientific ninja and previous episodes of NARUTO, it seems like various futures will spread!

As Batwan, I feel that the use of scientific ninja tools will lead to the development of “disqualification of the Boruto group” !

You win, you win, but I think the Borutos are like “foul wins” .

If you see Sasuke or Shikamaru, you should be caught in one shot …

And if you’re disqualified, Boruto will feel like it’s going to rebound!

It was a max volume because it was serialized once a month, but this time’s Boruto was also full of content and it was interesting!

I’m also wondering how Boruto’s behavior will be evaluated in the future, or whether it will be revealed or not!

I’m looking forward to the next episode 4!

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