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A Boruto that has become stable like a monthly series and has become like the back ace of a jump.

This time, I would like to write Batowan’s impressions and consideration after reading such 30 Volts!

Anyway, in a word, it feels like “Delta-sister … beautiful!” w

Episode 30 “Confrontation !!” Spoilers confirmed impressions, Delta’s bewitching Yaba!

This 30 episodes are mainly “Kumite” of Boruto and Kawaki. a feeling that the Delta sisters attacked the event from .

Anyway, she’s been drawn to me in the center color, which I’ve always been interested in, so it’s already happy! w

The appearance of the Delta looks like the following, and the yellow color on the lips makes it feel like a jojo!

I will touch on her case in the second half, but does she also feel that her body is like a scientific ninja tool?

It was a big impact even when I was throwing out something like a triangular machine from my back and flying it away!

Then, the main episode of this 30 episodes will go into the description of Kumite for doing research on kerma!

Although Boruto said, Repair the broken vase with Bond!”

Kawaki feels that he has met the demands of the Boruto to the limit, and I’m glad that the Boruto comes into contact with me normally!

Even though I was the cause of the problem, I think Kawaki was patient …!

Try to absorb the technique with Kama! Volume! !!

In Kumite, there is mainly a moving human bullet battle.

After talking about the kerma, a close-fighting conflict clashed, and from there, the following developments emerged all at once!

Is this the feeling that the chakra is used as a bullet to fly? The power was also quite good!

It was kind of like teaching me how to use a kerma, but it was a pretty wild attack by Kawaki.

It was like, “I want you to absorb it ” in the bukkake production, but I wonder if they were impressed!

I think it’s a bit different when it comes to KY, but one of the characteristics of Kawasaki is that it’s clumsy to deal with people.

By the way, the following is a Boruto that received a bullet. It was interesting to see that it was pretty tattered!

I’m not sure because it’s a poker face, but maybe …

Perhaps he was trying to get rid of what he meant by Boruto? How would?

However, the above Boruto is drawn like a gag style, “a feeling that I was able to dissolve with Kawasaki” , so I might have liked it!

Invasion of Delta’s older sister!

In the second half, let’s touch on the invasion of the Delta sister who has run out of trouble!

She mentioned the “triangular radar from the back” seems to have a unique means of transportation other than the items such as the .

Maybe it’s a remodeling human thing?

The sign of the settlement that came out right away!

Ah, but before I touch on Delta, let’s start with the sign of reconciliation. talk about the .”

This is a sign of reconciliation that appeared a while ago, but it was decided to be adopted by Kumite this time!

It seems that the connection between Boruto and Kawasaki, who had been throbbing, was completely restored!

However, the reconciliation mark is a reconciliation mark, and there is a little problem … Momoshiki! !!

The sign of Momoshiki suddenly emerged when he signed the reconciliation.

It seems that only Boruto felt this.

What does this mean?

Boruto’s kama and Kawaki’s kama … are they similar and different?

It seems interesting to observe from this point of view from here onwards, so I want to keep it at the end of my memory!

A beautiful Delta sister has arrived!

In the last episode of Volt 30, Delta, a super-beautiful woman, flew in from the air!

It feels like you’re flying away without worrying about moving to a radar, or you may feel angry!

She has a hysterical atmosphere, but this one has a personality and is cool!

Also, when flying, it seems that the legs are deformed and eject like a jet and fly. This expression is also novel!

Delta seems to be more appropriate that it “has various functions rather than ninjutsu .

What kind of fight will she have?

From this point of view, you might feel that there is a possibility of shooting a beam (chakra) gun out of your arm or attacking like a rocket punch!

Then, the last cut and finish with the following cuts!

Delta tells Kawaki, “How fierce my punishment is … I think I remember it well …” .

NUO, this is cool!

However, depending on the person, there may be a part that makes you feel like a reward rather than a punishment w

If you follow this development, it seems that the battle of Naruto vs Delta will heat up in the next 31 episodes!

As expected, it’s quite possible to beat Naruto, so it’s natural for you to skirmish lightly and then withdraw, but what happens?

Expectations will increase for the next 31 developments! !!

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