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In the 4th episode of Boruto, the end of the Shinobi test is finally over!

This Boruto also has a magnificent center color! I can be nervous about the design!

Boruto will continue to win, but …

You’re using science ninja to win, Boruto.

As long as the use of scientific ninja tools is not allowed, I think this is closer to “cheat”, but what is it?

Episode 4 “Fucking … !!” Confirmed spoilers, commentary, and consideration!

Actually, like Batman, Boruto does not have a much better impression.

I want to put on brackets and make Hinata cry.

This time, I think that the useless part of the Boruto was highlighted.

On the other hand, sunflowers are innocent and cute!

If you have such a cute little sister waiting at home, your tension will rise!

If you’re hugging for a celebration, you’ll probably want to be happy about 100 times!

This time, Naruto, who is busy, also greeted us to celebrate the breakthrough of Volt’s second test!

At the time of Naruto’s Chinese Shinobi test, it was a gathering of talented men around.

Naruto is having a hard time, so it would have been great to see Boruto passing the second qualifying!

The Boruto that Naruto was happy to praise!

However, I think that Naruto’s visit affected the direction of Boruto for good or bad.

No, like Boruto, he was hungry for his father’s love, and in a sense, there is something that can’t be helped.

I’m really happy that you came!

I will touch on it in the latter half, but in a sense, it may have spurred on the emotions of Boruto’s “with any hand”.

Then, the psychological state will not be taken care of, and the curtain of the third exam will come up!

The third test of the Nakanobu test was hosted by a nostalgic Rock Lee, and it was a secret that I was a little relieved.

It seems that it will be an irregular match in which the players will play one-on-one until the third round, and the finals will be fought with three people.

Of course, Boruto is also enthusiastic enough for the third exam!

The curtain of the third exam has risen, and the one-on-one individual competition continues.

Boruto fought first in the cloud-hiding village of “Yurii”!

The third exam starts!

The battle with Yuryu ended rather quickly.

It started from the collision of Kunai and Kunai, but I got hooked during Yuryu’s operation from the middle!

It’s like bubble gum that Yuryu is chewing on.

This seems to affect the art.

In the event of hitting bubble gum, it explodes … Yuryu creates countless bubble gums and surrounds the Borutos.

But here Boruto again wins a come-from-behind victory using the shuriken, a scientific ninja tool.

This victory is a “minus victory” for Boruto!

Also, even in the game of Shikadai …

Even when fighting with Shikamaru’s son, Shikadai, use science ninja to win the battle!

This seems to be the type that can use multiple shadow alternations.

Of course, in terms of terrain, the lions were overwhelmingly superior, and the Borutos were broken without science ninja tools.

However, Naruto notices Karakuri by seeing the unnatural reversal for the first time!

A Boruto that can be used with scientific ninja tools!

Boruto’s use of scientific ninja has been revealed.

Naruto walked up and grabbed Boruto’s arm and asked why!

It was good that I couldn’t see the main character who would win by doing this kind of thing while the others are doing their best!

From here on, I think it seems like Boruto’s real efforts are starting.

The Naruto world is a favorite world view, so I’m glad that a flow that can be read while supporting Boruto was created!

Momoshiki appeared

On the other hand, the decoding of the “Otsutsugi Scroll” that Sasuke had stolen at the beginning is completed.

Upon hearing this, Sasuke decided to cancel the test.

It looks like a real emergency!

In parallel, I was already aiming at that timing, Naruto … No, Nine.

Momoshiki and Kinshiki flew in the air with their white eyes open last time.

I think it’s different from Konohabushiri again, but it’s Naruto’s nine tails.

Bee’s Yao was also targeted, and I feel like the start of a big battle!

I think that the next 5 episodes will be a great battle involving the whole leaves.

It’s a pity that Boruto is serialized monthly!

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