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Until the previous story, the Nakanin test was a “scientific ninja tool” Boruto was drawn to win the.

It was hard to overlook the situation where it was so cheeky or all-you-can-eat, but finally, Naruto noticed in these 5 episodes!

However, the situation is far from being a Chunin examination.

This time, I would like to consider the 5 Boruto episodes that are the focus of attention!

Episode 5 “Momoshiki and Kinshiki !!” Spoilers Impressions & Explanations

Naruto notices Boruto’s “scientific ninja use” and tells Boruto “You are a ninja disqualified.”, told

From the beginning, I think it was a pretty shocking scene for Batman!

” Ninja disqualification” instead of “test disqualification, “Naruto said he was.

It’s true that it violated the rules, but it may be a cut that Naruto is tougher than I imagined!

In spite of the small interaction between Naruto and Boruto, Katsuke was supposed to have gained the most from this!

It may be said that Boruto, who could not judge right or wrong, was fitted into Katsuke.

The Boruto that violated the rule is bad, but the sword that encouraged it is also bad.

But Katsuke is “to show the power of scientific ninja” However seems to have aimed at .”

The joyful Katsuke of the above cut is frustrating!

Sudden intruder!

In addition to the catastrophic runaway of Katsuke, there were also “more dangerous situations”!

Momoshiki and Kinshiki intrude into the Chunin test.

The too sudden attack will delay the response of Konoha’s ninja!

From the violation of Boruto’s rule, the appearance of Hokage / Naruto, and Kasuke’s runaway, and so on.

It’s unclear if Momoshiki and Kinshiki were looking at the situation, but the timing was perfect!

Fukakage, Gaara, is also ready for battle!

The power of Gaara is known as disgusting in the story of Naruto.

I think it was encouraging that he responded, and conversely, Momoshiki & Kinshiki, who had been aiming for “the moment when the strength is gathering,” maybe aiming for “The tail beast of Gaara”. There’s no anxiety, but my anxiety hurts my mind!

The purpose was to capture the fruit of the chakras!

In the second half, Sasuke takes care of various situations.

First, let’s rescue the salad targeted by Kinki.

As you can see, it was a huge blow, and if it was a little late, the salad might have been seriously injured.

Was Kinsiki aiming for “disturbance by indiscriminate attacks”, or “Uchiha is aiming at the salad and nailing Sasuke” .”

Sasuke has a slashed horn, and is it the latter for Batman? I’m wondering about now!

In front of Konoha’s Shinobu who is chasing after correspondence, Momoshiki and Kinshiki rampage with only two people.

This is “a lot of confidence”!

Sasuke reveals that their aim is “chakra fruit”!

The bee had also been hung before, but there are two tail beasts here, Gaara and Naruto.

I think Momoshiki and Kinshiki are basically aiming at Naruto’s “Kuo-Kurama”, but if you’re in a hurry, you’ll also aim at Gaara’s tail beast!

It’s like a black hole.

As expected, only two people attacked each other, and Momoshiki proved not only his physical skill but also his ninjutsu.

Momoshiki has a “giant darkness” like a black hole.

While maintaining huge darkness with his left hand, he shoots another “light bullet” with his right hand and launches an attack.

As far as I can see, this light bullet alone has considerable power, and if it fires repeatedly, it will be enough to destroy the Nakanin test hall!

The battle is fierce while still holding “huge darkness”, and Naruto is serious!

Naruto releases the power of the tail beast and makes himself serious.

I’m excited because I can see the battle of the highest peak after a long time!

It’s unclear whether Momoshiki is fully open from the beginning, but if you look at the power of the emitted light bullets, if the “huge darkness” hits it directly, the Nakanin test hall will disappear without leaving any traces.

If that happens, the ninjas here must be literally “no bones left

Like Naruto, he is behind the scenes, and he must destroy Momoshiki or withdraw from him while worrying about this darkness!

The number of people is overwhelmingly overwhelming, but it’s a pain to lose balance due to a sudden surprise attack!

In the next 6 episodes, I would like to read carefully whether Naruto can really recover!

Also, I would like to expect casually from Gaara’s assistant sword!

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