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Well, it’s been a long time since the Boruto!

In the previous story, Momoshiki and Kinshiki attacked and the Shinobu test was canceled.

Also, this week’s center color was nice!

Boruto doesn’t know the greatness of Naruto yet.

Perhaps you will realize the size of your father in the future story!

This time, from the previous 5 episodes, it starts with the drawing of Naruto against Momoshiki and Kinshiki!

Episode 6 “Uslatonkachi” confirmed spoiler impressions & consideration!

Tail beast ball approaching.

Naruto’s ability will be tested under the circumstances that this must be managed before hitting the village directly!

However, it is reasonable to think that Naruto, who occupies Kujo, can compete with each other …!

This black energy ball released by the opponent is called a “tail beast ball”.

Naruto uses the nine-tailed and nine-armed spider to stop the approaching tail beast ball while releasing high energy!

The power around here is truly amazing!

In the first place, with the fact that the combat abilities of Nine and Nine Warriors are considerably stronger than those of other tailed beasts, they seem to be able to safely stop them.

Rather, he has a mind to absorb all damage with himself as a shield.

In contrast, Momoshiki’s reaction was cold.

Momoshiki’s reaction!

“It’s stupid and foolish like a lower creature.”

This expression while murmuring.

Whether or not you know the power of Naruto & Kuo, you can say that there is a lot of room!

In such a tense situation, Momoshiki’s energy without moving one eyebrow and sweating.

For him, it’s literally like “being against a lower race .”

Is it like human beings do not fear ants?

In fact, just after this, the Taijudama had a big explosion, and Naruto was caught up in the explosion with a Boruto.

Boruto woke up in a hospital, apparently fainted by a huge explosion.

Naruto’s safety was unknown at this point, but it seems that Momoshiki had taken him away.

It’s a good idea to know what level Momoshiki has reached when he can take him away!

Naruto Recapture Operation!

The flow from here starts the operation to regain Naruto.

Here, it is derived from Batowan to a “questionable development”.

It looks like Sasuke “decided to take Boruto”!

This feels a little unnatural!

Do you have any idea?

Gokage’s too quick gathering!

As I mentioned above, I’d like to find out why Sasuke was still trying to take Boshino of Shinobazu in future development.

If you think about it normally, you’ll think that you can do whatever you want.

Perhaps Boruto is also some sort of  human power”?

I’m also worried that Gokage was gathering at an overwhelming speed like Awasaka!

Apparently, it seems that Sasuke’s revolving eye can use the warp, but it seems too early.

Did Gaara, who had been attending the Nakanobu examination, still visit all the other men by accident?

It was a strange weird feeling that Gokage’s opinions moved smoothly toward the recapture operation as if they were shown together!

A space that resembles the distortion of space-time created by the rotating eyes used by Sasuke.

Through this, it seems to go to Naruto recapture.

There is a possibility of a fierce battle at the moment of exiting the door, and it is possible that it will lead to a fierce development!

Hinata and Boruto!

I’ve said it so many times, but Batwan really like Hinata!

It was quite pitied that I was injured trying to help Naruto …

By the way, it seems that Boruto did not make any major opposition to the participation in this “Hokage Recapture Operation”.

Hinata has been cried during Boruto’s selfishness or rebellion.

I wonder if Boruto expects some growth by learning Naruto at this opportunity.

It looked like he was looking back on Naruto when he was young, looking at the Boruto with a forehead pad, and maybe he couldn’t stop it.

However, the place where I’m calm without being overwhelmed is truly like “Shinobu’s wife”!

Then, I think that Borutos have clearly changed from what they have seen with Borutos!

Up until now, Boruto has only been looking cool and has become dull as a result.

Perhaps this series of events may have already grown a step further!

Boruto seemed to be just a rebellious period, but this time I get the impression that he is trying to move forward with a sense of responsibility!

However, Boruto is still vulgar.

Regardless of my ability, I think that it is unnatural if there is a mistake in judgment due to lack of actual battle, and in the next 7 episodes or later, I wonder if it feels like fighting while taking care of Boruto with Gokage?

The part that is of concern is the point, but it has become an interesting development!

I’m looking forward to the next episode 7!

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