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If it was transferred, it would have been kind of like this last week when the three tops of One Piece, Naruto (Boruto) and Toriko co-starred.

No, maybe there will be co-starring in the future, but it may be said that this was a precious time!

By the way, this BORUTO is center color!

The astringent center color of wind shadow, thunder shadow, earth shadow, and water shadow looks stylish!

The story development of the main part of Boruto has become intense, and it’s burning a lot!!

Episode 7 “Crash … !!” Confirmed Spoilers Impressions & Explanations

Otsutsuki Momoshiki who restrains Naruto.

It may be hard to remember because it is serialized in a month, but this is the cause of this trouble.

Apparently, he is aiming for Nine tails hidden in Naruto!

As was the case in the previous “Naruto” story, the impression that tail beasts, chakras, and “things that empower people “ tend to be the “source of disaster” in Naruto World.

Momoshiki may be a “dead person of power” who has been drawn to him for his power.

At any rate, it wasn’t possible for the people around me to leave such peaches alone, and the leaders of each Ninri, mainly Sasuke, gathered together to form the form desired for the Naruto open battle.

Quoted from Volt 7: Warp by revolving eyes, Momoshiki fluttering in a sudden attack!

It seems that the above cut Momoshiki has been pretty late.

Perhaps I wasn’t expecting a chase, and I wouldn’t have thought that “wind, Tsukage, Raikage, Mizukage” would all come.

As expected, Naruto and rescue members are also quite luxurious!

From Batwan’s point of view, I think it would be interesting to see something like “Momoshiki is moving, and the village called Imazato is being attacked.” But what happens?

Naruto rescued, successful for the time being!

Four scholars who were pulled by Momoshiki and left the village to rescue Naruto.

It seems that Momoshiki’s response was delayed due to the surprise attack of super-luxury members including Sasuke.

Succeeded to rescue Naruto somehow.

By the way, of course, just rescuing Naruto does not mean that this expedition is over.

The fact that the five shadows are stepping on all together makes it clear that the current situation is “a terrible situation .”

If this happens, they will be the one option for pursuit!

Well, it’s spectacular when I say something like the five shadows!

Especially, I love Gaara and Raikage like Batwan.

Also, in the middle of the story to the latter half of the story, there was also a development in which that Boruto slightly “converted”!

Boruto who grew up as a person!

Easy and easy, easy Chin Ninjutsu!

Boruto, a problem child who was standing around with a scientific ninja tool like that.

It was a rebellious period, and there were some twists and turns.

This may be the “real start” for BORUTO!

A Boruto that reaches out!

Up until now, Boruto has only seen Naruto as the “fucking old man .”

However, he seems to have decided to look at “Naruto as one shinobi” from now on.

For Boruto, who is in a rebellious age, I think it’s a hard decision!

No matter how much you are a parent and child … No, it may be embarrassing to have such a conversation because you are a parent and child.

But there is no doubt that the bond between the two has come to a step further in this episode.

Because it was such a shrine, we were able to get closer, and in this sense, this event is not the only minus!

Chidori after a long absence!

Even though the two are “heartwarming mood” with parents and children together, the battle between Momoshiki & Kinshiki vs Gokage & Sasuke continues!

In particular, Sasuke showed the lion’s arduous work and made Chidori explode to Kinsiki’s opponent!

Chidori has exploded after a long time!

Then, in succession, Mizukage’s blood mist sword method, boning & Tsukage’s melt, and ashes stone attack Kinki!

As expected, Kinshiki was completely restrained by this, and it became impossible to fight … I thought!

Momoshiki was cornered!

However, when I came here, Momoshiki, who was hunted down, seriously!

After abusive rants to Naruto and his friends with a confident and high-handed attitude, he moved on to a certain action!

Momoshiki looks like he’s been hunted down, but at the same time has a complicated expression that makes him feel calm.

I thought, “I’m kind of invincible …”, but this guy’s aim was revealed in a few pages!

Momoshiki rolls and eats Kinshiki!

Yes, it seems that there was a “secret trick” hidden behind Momoshiki’s calmness.

Before the collaboration of Gokage, he turned his palm to Kinki, who was completely restrained and blocked his movement and flipped inside.

I shaped the Kinki that I had sucked into my palm into small pieces and suddenly started chewing!

It feels like Sasuke in the back feels like “!!”, but this is a very intense composition.

Momoshiki is also a kind of “kinkiki ball”, but it’s a stumbling block, and it can be said that this is a threatening action that others didn’t expect!

Sure enough, Momoshiki had overwhelmed power up after eating this!

Momoshiki achieved a powerful power-up by eating his friends.

Tilt complaint is “not out of the disaster, the worst” is aside has become the puns tic in feeling, I think that was transformed into a visual with a quite powerful!

Have five shadows, no shortage!! I feel like I have the ability!

I think it will feel like a fierce battle at the next BORUTO, and I am looking forward to future developments!!

Fight, get more and more intense!!

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