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BORUTO has a great climax feeling from the beginning, but Momoshiki has finally demonstrated his true potential in these eight episodes!

Momoshiki that absorbs Kinki and is even more confusing and powerful.

The fierce battle has been cut off, and it seems that the battle has evolved into a fierce battle that is top class in Ninja! Dangerous!

Episode 8 “You’re gonna do” Confirmed spoilers, commentary, and consideration!

The center colors of the 8 episodes this time are as follows.

The deceptive peach-like appearance is clearly drawn, and it looks pretty good!

Batwan wondered, “What should I do if I took the Boruto of the Shinobu to a boss-class battle (like attacking with five shadows) suddenly?” However, it is a level of drawing power that blows away such small things. As expected!

The story of the BORUTO 8 story that started like this.

As expected, the power-up of Momoshiki was supposed to be ridiculous!

The overwhelming force that the five shadows that fall fluttering can no longer bite you into a dog.

There is no end to the potential of Momoshiki!

Momoshiki opens up his chakra.

The influence on the surroundings is also quite large, and immediately after that, we will defeat more and more, such as Raikage, Kagekage, Tsukage, and so on!

A battle development that progresses in an almost one-sided game.

How powerful is Momoshiki! !!

I have five shadows and I have no teeth!

Even that Gaara would be hit on one side so far …

On the contrary, Chojuro, who didn’t go to waste, was wise to make a judgment.

To that extent, the strength of Momoshiki seems to be missing!

Naruto is seriously aiming for Momoshiki when Gokage collapses.

As far as I can see how they fight in Sennin mode, isn’t a simple bashing match with Naruto?

From this, I feel that Naruto indirectly has a considerable difference from the other five shadows!

Also, from the back of Naruto who aims at Momoshiki, Sasuke’s support is provided.

The combination of Sasuke and Naruto is shining!

I wonder if it was the breath of Aun that can only be done because of the rivalry that once worked hard!

And in the middle of the story, it finally develops into a “giant force battle” !!

A huge battle broke out!

In the middle of the story, Momoshiki used a technique called “Ken Inukai”.

At this point, it’s incomprehensible, but is it a kind of clue?

Inukai Kenmei (only dogs and dogs) vs Susanogi + Nine tails!

The used “Kenju Inukai” is as follows.

A giant “something” like an oversized dragon-like snake was summoned from the ground!

There ‘s no more  are  to counter this “oversized enemy”!

Naruto will judge that area immediately, and it is here that Kyuubi and Kyujo are here!

The oversized Kujo, which had been lost for a long time, is also full of power!

Perhaps in opposition to this nine 喇嘛, this time the arekore created by Momoshiki’s “Inutake Ken Mikoto” is united to form something like a huge “Iwao”.

It seems that Momoshiki is going to smash the nine 嘛 from the front.

The battle of fierce battle is over and it will be dropped! hot! !!

Giant Iwato vs Susano and Kujo!

The combined Iwato is as follows.

An atmosphere such as a mysterious doll weapon that is hard to describe as any animal.

Somehow, the first impression is that there is an atmosphere that seems to be specialized in terms of power!

I wonder if the powers of nine tails and Iwato are almost equal.

However, here Sasuke’s support comes in from behind!

Armor and sword are given to Nine tails by Sou Nosuke, and counterattack starts! I feel like that!

As expected, the two strongest in the ninja world.

It seems that there were no peaches and no lumps if these two guys laid out Kujo and Susano.

However, it is the miso of the 8th episode that the wholesaler will not let me down with this.

How come that “that man” does extra things!!

An extremely disappointing reversal drama happened in the final stage!

Extremely disappointing reversal play!

If the work was finished with this, the story would have been quick.

However, that man rushes into the final board and rushes.

That’s right, the Katosuke from the Scientific Ninja Group! !!

Kasuke is superfluous …

It’s fine that I have my own science ninja, but the appearance of Katsuke has reversed the battle.

The appearance of the triumphant Katakai is a little frustrating!

It ‘s not  I’ve managed to make it in time”, at all!!

It can be said that the reversal flag has already been raised at this point!

To show off the power of scientific ninja, Kasuke who shoots a thunderBoruto and breath-like.

Sure enough, this chakra was absorbed by Momoshiki on his death, giving him another chance!

Despite the mortal wounds, Katsuke’s reckless rebirth brings him back.

Gokage + Sasuke rushes his neck into the part where he can manage …

And, as expected, Momoshiki’s counterattack was quite excellent as expected!

Momoshiki’s counterattack starts with shadow binding!

Momoshiki who was able to stand up brilliantly releases a range version of the shadow bound towards the whole.

As a result, six people, Gokage and Sasuke, are completely immobile …

You’ve hunted down to that point, but you’ve completely reversed the situation.

Without Katsuke’s appearance, I would have been safely winning … sorry!

However, the highlight of Boruto is here.

Anyway, when all five shadows are in a pinch, it seems that Sasuke had instructed in advance, “You’re gonna do the Boruto .”

I think it’s just too dangerous to trump a Boruto that isn’t really intolerable …

No, it seems that it’s the only way you can do it, so Sasuke may have thoughts of Sasuke!

And the Boruto that starts making the smallest Rasengan.

What is the only way he can do it!

If this doesn’t go well, the situation will be such that the super-power of “Five Shadows + Sasuke” will be lost at the same time, so I think it is a scene in which we are trying to do so.

It’s time to test Boruto’s potential, and look forward to what happens! !!

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