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The battle with Momoshiki who has been extremely fierce.

In this 9 episodes, the flow until the conclusion is finally drawn!

No, this may not be the complete settlement, but it is Naruto World! It was a powerful development like that!

Regarding 9 episodes this time, especially the center color also expresses the powerfulness of Momoshiki and the growth of Borutos and feels good!

At first, Boruto was a “Kikanbo”, but I wonder if this battle will be the first step.

Episode 9 “It’s All You” Confirmed Spoilers, Commentary & Discussion!

The five shadows who have been thoroughly restrained in movement.

It was none other than the Boruto that saved the predicament!

A Boruto that throws a freshly remembered Rasengan!

It’s a lot smaller than Naruto’s Rasengan, but at this point, I’m feeling talented when I can make Rasengan!

By the time it reaches Momoshiki, this Rasengan has disappeared …

What a threat is coming here!

For Momoshiki, he said, “I don’t know what happened

Apparently, Boruto unknowingly made full use of property changes to create the “erasing spiral circle”!

Sasuke will explain this later!

Rasenmaru was successful!

The Boruto’s spiral circle that was thought to have failed at the time.

However, this Rasengan had a special property of “disappearing” compared to Naruto’s Rasengan!

Boruto had unknowingly mastered this “erasing Rasengan”!

According to Boruto, he can only use the spiral circle that disappears, so he has skipped a number of steps that he should have taken and learned …

But anyway, it’s amazing to be able to use this quality technique at this age!

As expected, it is a half of the Uzumaki clan and the Hinata clan who controls one of Konoha’s best chakras!

With this move, Naruto leads Boruto’s palm and puts his chakra on to generate Rasengan!

I wonder if this part was a little uncomfortable.

If I had the time to do such a thing, I should have been fighting Momoshiki immediately, and I’m sorry that Momoshiki was waiting long enough.

Anyway, it seems that the surroundings were surrounded by five shadows, and in a sense, there was a “learning room”!

Fierce battle, fierce battle towards convergence!

The situation was reversed by the spiral circle where the Boruto disappeared.

With this, the movement of Gokage has been released to the fullest, and from here it’s the turn of the turn!

In addition, the “Rasenmaru kneading Naruto chakra” mentioned on the previous page has also been completed, and we will finally enter the phase of Todome!

I don’t feel like losing!

A Boruto that holds Rasengan with Naruto’s chakra in one hand.

The person who feels  I don’t feel like losing!” Maybe a little dangerous as a person who lives in battle, but I think this Rasenmaru actually possessed such power!

The Rasengan drawn in the cut below is also oversized!

On the other hand, Momoshiki also creates “black spheres” to compete.

It seems like you have a mind to hit the Rasengan of the Boruto from the front!

It took quite a lot of energy to generate a bullet of this size!

The collision of oversized chakras from the front.

In reality, there were some tactics to get there, but in the end, Rasenmaru became the power winner.

Rasenmaru carrying “various thoughts” inherited from the era of Naruto World collides with Momoshiki!

Defeat Momoshiki!

With that feeling, in the 9th episode of this episode, I managed to destroy Momoshiki safely.

Momoshiki, who was in the final stage, had a lie-like expression that he had been able to afford.

If we could quickly and surely clean up one by one … No, I wonder if that kind of opportunity was difficult.

It looks like Momoshiki’s expression is extremely fierce!

I wouldn’t expect him to lose in this way …

In a sense, Boruto may also be like the “unexpected number one” of the new era!

And Sasuke has the following impressions on Boruto’s great success in this battle!

Sasuke had the impression that “Boruto is like Naruto”.

It’s not clear what I thought so, but there must have been something like Sasuke’s last-minute power and sense to make Sasuke think so!

Also, something that could be seen because Sasuke had a rivalry with Naruto for many years was one of the factors that made this impression.

The next Boruto will be open for 2/27 days, but I am looking forward to seeing the adventure of Boruto and the growth gained in this battle from now on!

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