Who is Masashi Kishimoto & how is he related to Boruto?

He was born on November 8, 1974, in Nagi, Japan. He is currently 43 years old and lives in Okayama prefecture in Japan. He is a very popular mangaka, recognized for his great success: Naruto, a series released in 1999. He is the twin brother of Seishi Kishimoto, another well-known mangaka.

Masashi has shown interest in the world of manga since he was a child, but beyond reading it, it was drawing it; because he was always dedicated to representing his own or urban stories in cartoons. A confession from this illustrious mangaka, evidences and justifies that from the beginning he felt an incredible admiration for Akira Toriyama – the famous creator of the Dragon Ball characters and his famous universe.

Despite this, another of the influential figures in Masashi’s animated taste was the illustrious Katsuhito Otomo, whose style and originality left young Masashi surprised and enchanting, who tirelessly began to work on his drawing style to give him an appearance similar to Otomo’s.

From that moment, Kishimoto began to design his own style for cartoons, a factor that drove him and allowed him to rapidly evolve in the world of manga. This is reflected in the success of his famous series, Naruto and its current sequel, Boruto.

A rumor had him quite overwhelmed and a little uncomfortable, since they branded him as having been the assistant of a recognized mangaka, and therefore, competing with him. At a press conference, Masashi comments that he had met Eiichiro Oda at a Christmas party and that they never worked together; Despite that, they commented that their jobs were very good and would-be rivals due to their dispute for the position of best mangaka.

In that interview, he even emphasized a point that left the press without arguments, that both mangakas are almost the same age, so being Oda’s assistant was almost impossible. Likewise, he clarified that Jump magazine asked him for full dedication to the Naruto series; which further reduced the chances that he had been an assistant to Oda and decided to compete with him.


Masashi started as a professional mangaka, writing a story called Karakuri – whose translation would be something like The Mechanic – in 1995, which makes him deserving of the Hot Step Award in the Shueisha publishing house. Later, he was assigned a colleague with whom he worked on several projects that would eventually be rejected.

One of these projects was a manga that was given the name of Michikusa – whose literal translation is Hierba del Camino – which deals with an elementary student and his friends; they stole the money from a wallet they found on the street, and later, they started to get into any amount of trouble. This was the first project that Kishimoto was rejected.


After the rejection of several of his projects; Masashi publishes the first episode of what would be, in the not too distant future, the jewel of his stories, the ruby ​​of his collection and clearly, one of the most famous and seen series in Japan and around the world, a work that tells the story of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki and his constant struggle to be admitted to society and become the leader of his village.

This installment was published in 1997 in Akamaru Jump Summer magazine; Being the one with the best reception by the public and receiving countless positive reviews, as well as continuation requests and congratulatory messages.

Despite its success, the installment was difficult to continue and make it a series, which is why Masashi decided to work on a project using the story of Naruto Uzumaki as a base, so, it is finally in 1999 when the first Naruto chapter, in the weekly magazine Weekly Shonen Jump.

Unlike its first installment, this Naruto story focuses on the experiences and experiences of the Naruto team, made up of him, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and being led by Kakashi Hatake. This story received so many positive reviews and acceptance comments that it allowed it to quickly spread across Japan; a factor that caused the hasty production of an adaptation to the big screen.

The success of his manga was imminent, so much so that on October 3, 2002, the animated series of Naruto premiered, broadcast by the well-known TV Tokyo network. This anime was on par with the manga, it lasted 220 episodes that describe the first chapters of the written edition; later, a sequel called Naruto: Shippuden is released, which emphasizes the second part of the manga.

Given the impact caused by the Naruto series, Masashi Kishimoto is considered responsible for changing the perspective of the series and ninja history in Japan, that is, the creator of a new modern trend in which the perception and conception of the Japanese ninja have given a considerable turnaround and has been positively received by the Japanese public.

Masashi married and had a son, because of this, he decided to stay away from manga editing and writing for a while, because he wanted to spend time with his family. He is currently working on Boruto's monthly installments; Yes, it is important to emphasize that Naruto was a weekly edition, so the time consumed was excessive.